Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's My Universe. It's All Mine. Get The Hell Out Of My Universe.

Thanks for being a part of My Universe. As you are aware , The entire Universe belongs exclusively to me. If you don't accept that then get the hell out of My Universe. Yes I may not be the richest man on earth but I do own the entire Universe including the solar system and the Milky Way Galaxy you reside in. Even if you are unaware of it, You do pay rent. You call it Entropy. I call it rent. Thanks for being an integral part of My Universe. If you ever want to be extracted or divorced from my Universe I can possibly send you to another assuming another actually exists if anything beyond my universe does exist you may be in luck no guarantees. So far as I am concerned the Universe is infinite, all exclusive and it still all belongs exclusively to me. Get used to it or get the Hell out. By the way your fantasy life is part of My Universe there is no fictional escape options. Don't think you can change universal reality by imagining being outside of it. Only the owner can do that. Your's Universally, Lex Loeb, Holly Rolling Emperor, Emperor Vulgarus, Universe Control Corporation, LTD c/f Imperial Holly Universe Offices PO box 6522 Portland, Oregon, USA , 97228-6522, Earth, The solar system, The Milky Way, My Universe.